Cloud Services

Work remotely or in the office with your resources uploaded and transmitted over secure networks.

A managed and maintained server environment allows our clients to upload, share, edit, and finalize documents in collaboration with their team. Each document can be set up to have only one person working on it so you don’t have duplicates or redundancy. Our clients leverage their network by moving to the cloud where they can now work from the courtroom, the office, or anywhere in the world.

Rely on us to provide the reliable platform on Canadian soil that is:

  1. Virtual in nature allowing you to work on the same file at any given time
  2. Scalable because it grows as you grow or retracts as you scale back
  3. Customized as no one business operates exactly the same
  4. Efficient in operations and only limited to your capacity
  5. Secure

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With our organizational activities changing, more teams are on the go.
Tethered Computer Services provides reliable platforms for teams of all shapes and sizes to gain access to the resources and support they need during their client visits, travels, and areas of business.

Cloud Services - Tethered Computer Services, Langley, BC