Custom Development

Custom Development

One Package Does Not Fit Everyone And Every Solution

What do you do when the tools you need to do your job don’t exist. You make new ones! That is the premise behind our custom development services. There are multiple online platforms that claim to do just about anything, but in reality, many businesses discover that an ideal ‘out of the box’ solution doesn’t exist. Customization is necessary so they can best serve their customers.

We will sit down with you and your team, discuss concepts and concerns, draw up a comprehensive plan, and then get busy designing and debugging a solution that will help you save money and time, and increase the profit potential of your organization.

We utilize existing technology whenever possible, using combinations of applications to enhance the way you access information, store it and make it available to your clients, vendors and employees. This involves integrating existing technologies to streamline your business processes. We don’t re-invent the wheel, we take existing tools like file sharing apps (ie. Dropbox) and CRM solutions (such as Maximizer) and we make them work together. We don’t build from scratch when the pieces already exist, but we can save you a lot of time by sorting through the dozens of options on the market to create a solution that makes sense for you.

However, there are occasions when we do have to look at custom programming to fit specific parameters required for you to do your work faster and better. Our extensive knowledge of MS Office and MS Access (which also means we have experience with Visual Basic, Oracle, Sequel) allows us to create unique menu-driven systems for clients in various industries.