“For the past two years I have been relying on Tethered Network Solutions for all of my computer related issues and have been totally satisfied with the promptness and quality of their service. We have had our office server replaced, a bunch of new computers programmed and installed and the usual on-going issues with antivirus and third party software upgrades etc. Tethered Network Solutions has been there for us every step of the way. Their prompt, professional service, both on site and remotely when possible has been excellent. They’ve been able to solve problems remotely a number of times to keep our office running productively. I highly recommend Tethered Network Solutions without reservation.”

Craig Sicotte

“As a provider of information about scams, fraud and identity theft related crimes, I completely rely on my computer to work. Not only is it my way of communicating, it is also my source for the research I do for my seminars and books. When my computer caught a virus and was forced to be down, I called Tethered Network Solutions. Within a couple of hours Robert had me up and operating free of the problem. Thank you Robert, your service is second to none in my mind.”

George G.

“To my favourite Tethered network computer guys. I want to thank you for all the great work you did on our computer system and the knowledge and experience has made me humble with what you guys can do. Our company would be in bad shape if it wasn’t for your speedy work and thanks for saving the day on a few occasions. I recommend you to all my clients and friends. Keep up the great work.”

Jason Nitroman