The history of cloud computing and cloud storage starts way back in the 1960s when an “intergalactic computer network” was proposed. And to most people, such talk was purely science fiction. And it pretty much was.

It took another three decades for many people here in the galaxy, including businesses, even to start to take computers seriously, let alone trust all their vital information to a “cloud.”

Cloud storage exists because human beings like to store stuff. It’s why garages, storage lockers, and basements are full of stuff. The same applies to data. It’s why we buy external storage devices. But at some point it becomes cumbersome. Multiply the storage challenges for businesses of all sizes. The solution? Instead of storing information to your computer’s hard drive or another local storage device, you save it to a remote, third-party database– the cloud.

Only in the last few years have most small businesses and organizations even begun to embrace cloud technology. But the move to the cloud is now a virtual stampede. In North America, most small businesses have either fully adopted cloud storage or are expected to do so by 2020.

You may still be scratching your head about cloud storage, but if your organization is using services like Google Drive or Dropbox for sharing files, you’re already utilizing cloud storage, probably without thinking (too much) about it!

Here are five significant advantages of cloud storage for your business, big or small:

1. Productivity

Cloud storage allows you and your team members to work on and share stored information from the office, from home, the coffee shop, the airport– anywhere, securely. 59% of SMBs have reported that using cloud services has significant productivity benefits. (

2. Greater Security

Drop your worries about physical hardware. Because cloud data is stored offsite, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your physical equipment. Your data stays safe. Cloud databases are highly secured and monitored, with robust encryption to further protect your vital information.

It’s risky business when multiple users store and share information on pen drives, thumb drives, and external hard disks. Not only is sensitive data vulnerable to theft, but also to viruses and accidental damage.

An automatic backup and a disaster recovery plan come with your cloud computing plan. That means your data will be returned to you instantly. Again, no downtime.

3. Cost Savings

IT equipment is expensive and often frustrating. So is maintaining it. Your business may have experienced the “joys” of downtime and the extra expense of software updates, too. Cloud data storage puts a stop to all that. Cloud storage doesn’t require internal power to store information remotely, which also means cost savings.

Cloud storage services are pay as you go, at a flat, monthly rate. There’s no need to buy hardware. This subscription-based service makes budgeting for your business or organization easier, too. states that 70% of businesses have reported that their migration to the cloud has allowed them to reinvest funds back into their business.

4. Scalability

It’s a hard fact that many businesses fold because of a lack of capital. This lack of capital often occurs during a business expansion. In the past, this has inevitably included hardware upgrades. In the land of the cloud, scalability means that you pay only for what you use. Expand or dial back as needed. And breathe a lot easier!

5. It’s powerful!

A cloud-based system allows you to gain access to processing, memory, and space resources that would otherwise be out of budget range. Even the smallest businesses can now leverage data analysis and productivity suites that were until recently accessible only to large enterprises.

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